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Craft Cannabis is an artisanal approach to cannabis cultivation. As craft growers, we aim for a higher quality that is focused on the user experience. The method we grow with balances legacy techniques, in harmony with innovation. Each grow is different and dependent on the growers unique approach that creates the artisanal touch that is craft cannabis. 

In Canada, micro-cultivators have adopted the craft philosophy with the mission to produce high quality cannabis for the recreational and medical market. 


Small Batch

Small batch is a quality found in most craft cannabis. This refers to the lot size, or size of the grow. At Canendo, we never grow more than 400 plants together. This allows the plants ample space to stretch, reach and mature into their full size. This not only gives the plants better growth, but allows us to better care for them.

As a small batch, we have the ability to give every single plant hands-on work throughout the grow cycle. The ability to routinely check the plant health and make adjustments to each plant on an on-going basis, is how we are able to produce such high quality consistently throughout the entire lot. Bigger, denser buds, and a higher quality flower is the result.

Happy Plants = Happy Customer


Full Flush

What separates Canendo Cannabis from most other cultivators, is a full flush at the end of every cycle. Flushing is done by starving the plants of nutrients by only providing them nutrient and mineral free water for the final two-weeks. This allows the nutrient feed to fully break down, and in order to survive, the plant will feed from itself by taking the nutrients from it's leaves.

The process creates the vibrant leaves that create the look of autumn. Because the nutrient feed is fully broken down and the final nutrients come naturally from the plant, flushing creates a smoother smoke that leaves behind a crisp white ash that holds. The smoother smoke allows the notes of the flower to come through, enhancing the experience.


Hand Crafted

As outlined in small batch, craft cannabis has a hands-on approach. This hands-on approach is most notable in the harvest. Most large producers put the cannabis through industrial trimmers that tear the leaves and stems off the buds. Although this leaves just the bud, this often damages the bud's structure and can knock trichomes off in the process. 

Hand crafting means the leaves and stems are removed by hand or with a gentle hand powered tool. This keeps the integrity of the bud and lets a skilled crafter have complete oversight throughout the entire process. 


Cured to Experience

Curing is the final step of the process before it leaves our care. Once the plant has been harvested, trimmed and dried, we then begin the curing process by storing the buds in bins. This process takes four weeks, but the time can vary. Curing is the process of ‘burping’ the bins, and allowing the buds to sit. Humidity packs are also added to assist with the process.

By curing the buds slowly, the moisture regulates in the buds, creating a consistent texture and enhances the notes. Each crafter has a different timeline and technique they use which impacts the result, adding the artisanal touch to the final step.

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