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Canendo Cannabis is a Canadian micro cultivator, growing premium prairie craft cannabis. Dedicated to the grow, we seek more than to produce high quality flower, but to define the standard for quality.

Image by Teanna Morgan

The best, or nothing at all.

The only way to define excellence is to practice it. We use legacy traditions in harmony with modern innovation, to curate the perfect grow. We only accept the best, and so should you.


Small batch

Growing in small batches brings focused attention to each plant, ensuring every bud defines excellence.

Image by Ryan Lange

Hand crafted


A gentle harvest keeps the buds' characteristics, without damaging the shape or trichomes.

Full flush


Every batch receives a full flush which enhances the flowers notes by creating a smooth smoke.

Our Journey

A story of perseverance & passion.


Fall 2020

Health Canada officially grants Canendo a micro cultivation license in September 2020. The journey for excellence began. 

First Plants

Christmas Eve 2020

A batch of Lemon Margy teens arrived from Mother Labs - instead of being under the tree, this gift was the trees. The sweet Lemon aroma soon filled the rooms.

Image by Ryan Lange



Vanilla Ice 6


Vanilla Ice 6 is bred by Compound Genetics and is a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato x White Flo

Lime SG


Lime SG is a legacy strain that is a cross of Sour Grapes and Lime Hybrid



Gilberto is our own phenotyped strain and is a cross between Cherry Bomb x

Skunk #3 

Lemon Margy


Lemon Margy is bred by Cannarado Genetics and is a cross between Lemon Jack x Frozen Margy

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